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Expat services

xPattyCake offers the following unique set of services to expats:

Certified translation services
When moving to a different country, it is almost certain you will need official, certified translations of important documents such as your diplomas, transcripts, reference letters, birth certificates etc. Even in non-English speaking countries, a certified English translation is often sufficient. If in doubt, make sure to check with the respective institution what’s required. xPattyCake will translate your Dutch documents to English (or vice-versa) at a competitive rate.

(CV) writing, proofreading & editing services
xPattyCake doesn’t just translate, we also provide (CV) writing and editing services in English and Dutch. Whether you are an expat who would like assistance with writing your (international) CV and letter of application, or a researcher who is writing his/her research paper, journal article, etc. in English, xPattyCake will help you to make sure that your texts read well, and consist of proper English or Dutch. We’ll make sure that you are crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s!

English language courses for (bilingual) kids
Are you and your family moving abroad and do you wish to prepare your children for an international school or an English speaking environment? Or did you just move (back) to the Netherlands and would you like your children to maintain and further develop their English language skills? Our 2SpeakEnglish program introduces children to the English language in a fun and creative way. We teach basic language skills to children 4 years and older through games, arts and crafts, singing, story telling, dancing, drama, as well as traditional teaching methods. Our goal is to build your child’s confidence and awareness of the English language, and inspire them to speak English through play. For this, we use well- established methods that have proven already very successful in the USA and Canada in the area of Teaching English as a Second and/or Foreign Language.
Are you interested in our English courses for kids? Read more about our offering on or send an email to


"With Nanette's help,
my CV has now been translated
into perfect and contemporary
business English"

André Hamouda, Scholl Footwear Germany

"She is a professional translator but she is also a service provider with excellent service. Nanette has helped me to make a great start abroad!"

 Ariane Richartz, Frankfurt, Main

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